Paper submission procedure

Persons participating in «Baltic Maritime Forum» (hereinafter referred to as the Forum) with subsequent publication of the materials are required within the specified time limits:

  • to submit papers using the registration form (file format: .doc, .docx);
  • to  submit a statement on publication (file format: .pdf)*;

to submit an identification examination report on export control (file format:. pdf)*;

  • to pay registration fee (except for KSTU employees).

*Please note that participants of the following sections do not need to submit a statement on publication and an identification examination report on export control:

  • 1.8. Section: «Russian language in development of international cooperation in marine economy»;
  • 1.9. Section: «Foreign languages as a tool for development of linguistic and professional competencies in training fishery specialists»;
  • 1.10. Section: «Problems of physical education and sports training of students».

One author may submit only one paper (it is allowed to submit one more report in with the applicant is a co-author)

File name: without quotation marks, without symbols, without superscripts and subscripts: Full name of the first author, paper heading.


  • submission of reports (papers) with a statement on open publication: 15.07.2019.
  • payment of the registration fee: 20.09.2019.

After submitting the registration form with the attached paper, a participant receives an automatic notification on sending the material to the Organizing Committee. Within seven working days of receiving the article, the event coordinator sends a reply to the author with the decision on possibility of publishing the material and registering the author in the list of conference participants (other Forum events). If there are co-authors: only one of the authors submits the paper. There is no need for each of the authors to send the material for publication. In case of in person participation – full name of the speaker must be indicated in the registration form. The other authors may be registered as co-authors (no attachment of the paper is needed).

After the Organizing Committee receives the registration form with the paper, the materials are checked for compliance with the applicable requirements:

  1. A strict condition for publication of a paper is a statement on possibility of publication, except for articles by foreign authors. If such a document is unavailable until 20.09.2019, the papers are not included in the Forum proceedings; the author is informed about prohibition of presenting similarly-named reports at a conference (round table, workshop, etc.) meeting.
  2. All submitted papers undergo a plagiarism check in “Antiplagiat.VUZ” system. A decision on legitimacy of the paper publication is made by the section moderator or by the chairperson of the Organizing Committee.
  3. Paper requirements.

The Forum proceedings are published in the author’s edition in an electronic form. The collection is given ISBN and it is sent to RSCI data base. After registration of the proceedings in FSUE STC “Informregistr”, the imprints will be posted on the Forum page.

Best reports on marine issues according to the decision of the Organizing Committees of the Forum will be published in a special issue of the journal «Marine Intelligent Technologies» included in the list of Higher Attestation Commission and the international reference database Web of Science, as well as in the relevant sections of «KSTU news», «BFFSA news» journals.

The Forum moderators have a right to decline participation of authors and to refuse of a paper publication in the presence of one or some of the following reasons:

  • nonconformance to the topic of the conference (workshop, etc.),
  • nonconformance to the paper requirements,
  • unavailability of the decision on open access publication (except for foreign participants),
  • unpaid registration fee (except for KSTU employees).

Provided the materials are declined, the Organizing Committee will send a written notice to the author about the necessity to reconcile inconsistencies or, if there is no feedback, a notification on failure to publish the materials.

For your information: those who are interested in participating in the Forum events may attend as observers (free of charge) by registering as a “Guest” using a registration form of the corresponding conference (round table, workshop, etc.)