Information for the authors

General requirements

  • No more than three authors of an article is allowed.
  • Figures in articles should be of high quality (resolution not less than 300 dpi). A figure and text in it must be a single object. It is not allowed to insert scanned pictures, black and white photographs of outdated equipment, screenshots (with the exception of software screenshots), as well as pictures made using Microsoft Word and other text editors.
  • Formulas should be typed in any formula editor or in text form, but they must be of the same size as the main text. It is not allowed to insert formulas as figures.
  • Only those articles are added to the list of references, links to which are in the text.

Articles should be typed in a template or according to the requirements of the corresponding publication:

Proceedings of VIII International Baltic Maritime Forum


Paper requirements

Scientific journal «Marine intellectual technologies»


Requirements for abstracts

List of headings

Support documentation template

Scientific journal IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science


Paper requirements